EDAG cooperating with solar startup Lightyear


The Dutch startup which emerged from TU Eindhovens solar team, Lightyear,  will be cooperating to develop long-distance solar vehicles with the German development partner EDAG.

EDAG will be providing Lightyear with resources and knowledge, in order to help get Lightyear One production ready for 2020. The vehicle will be a battery-electric vehicle with solar panels, in the shape of a sports coupe.

The Lightyear One will have four-wheel drive thanks to its four wheel hub motors. The integrated solar panels will also enable to partially drive in a self-sufficient form, however tests still have to prove this in action. Depending on battery configuration, a range between 400 and 800 km is possible. Lightyear has also developed a solar-electric-platform, according to their statements. They say it has up to three times the energy efficiency, compared to current market vehicles.

Lightyear plans to complete its prototype by early 2019, and the production facility is being constructed on the Automotive Campus in Helmond. This August, they plan to take up manufacturing operation, before regular production starts in 2020, where a signature series of 10 vehicles will spearhead the market entry. Mid 2020, a “Pioneer version” of 90 vehicles will follow, which will be offered all over Europe, rather than only in Holland as the initial 10 will be. A serial version will be available as of 2021, and will cost around 119,000 euros, before taxes.

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