Denmark considering more funding for e-mobility


The Danish centre-right government is publicly considering to strengthen subsidies or the purchase of electric vehicles again. They had to admit that EV sales have massively dropped in the country from almost 5,000 in 2015 to 700 last year since a change in policy.

This drop happened after the Danish government started to reintroduce the registration tax next to the already effective sales tax, and raise it in steps so it would meet the same conditions as combustion vehicles within five years.

Premier minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen has considered introducing new subsidies after the summer, combined with a government plan to increase the renewable energy ratio in the country. Rasmussen’s government announced plans last Thursday to invest about 1.6  million euros to completely exit fossil fuels by 2050.

Denmark’s social democrats in opposition had announced their plan to ban the sale of diesel vehicles by 2030, should they win the parliamentary election in 2019. Either way it seems Denmark is poised to make big changes to their mobility and energy concepts.


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