May 7, 2018 - 01:07 pm

Electric car drivers get special attention from BMW and ADAC


Europe’s largest automobile club, the German ADAC, is looking to create a suit of special offers to benefit drivers of electric cars and also to increase their number. ADAC has made a deal with BMW so that members may get a special leasing offer for the i3.

The automobile club with more than 20 million members mostly in Autoland Germany says it wants to strike similar preferential deals with other makers of electric cars too. The current programme leads ADAC members to BMW agents selling the i3 with rates starting at 383.14 euros a month. The contract remains with the BMW Bank.

Whilst other carmakers as well as other cars with alternative drives are to be added to the cooperation portfolio of subsidiary ADAC SE, the club also plans a suit of services for EV drivers but says these were not ready yet.

The ADAC serves members as insurance and comes to their aid whenever their car breaks down – a business that soon may be on the decline once electric cars that require less maintenance are to hit the road en masse. (BMW i3 offer), (in German)


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