High power charging in all forms with Proterra


Proterra is entering the high power charging segment as their new solutions comply with the latest SAE standards. This includes plugging in as well as hanging in there, as in overhead charging systems. The new applications range from 60 kW – 500 kW.

The American bus maker is making an effort for high power charging and compatibility. Therefore, all Proterra buses utilise the SAE J1772 CCS (IEC Type 1) standard for plug-in charging.

On top, newer models of Proterra Catalyst vehicles will now be fully compatible with the emerging SAE J3105 (Electric Vehicle Power Transfer System Using a Mechanised Coupler) standard for overhead conductive charging.

Consequently, Proterra is introducing a new suite of high power chargers that comply with these standards. The three new Proterra Power Control Systems range from 60kW – 500kW and are compatible with standardised plug-in solutions as well as pantographs. For the latter, Proterra is working with Schunk Carbon Technology, a developer of such overhead charging hardware for battery-electric vehicles, in order to introduce these new systems to its customers.

The new chargers will run the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP 1.6).

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