Ultra-fast charger (HPC) with stationery battery from Italy


Italy’s Nidec ASI has launched what is dubs its Ultra Fast Charger that includes a 160 kW stationery energy storage unit to deliver a faster charge independently from electricity supply. So far it is a prototype that uses 50 kW to deliver up to 320 kW.

Milan-based Nidec ASI is working on a whole suite of solutions for high power charging though. Their first prototype includes a 160 kWh battery that adds enough energy so that the electricity may flow at just about 50 kW, while the station is ready to charge at 320 kW without disrupting the grid.

Their Ultra Fast Charger thus serves as buffer between the charging electric car and the grid and is made for connection to low or medium-voltage grids. It can also be connected to power sources from renewables and is V2G ready.

The charging station enables to charge two EVs at the same time or three in succession.

Nidec ASI S.p.A. is active in design, manufacturing, and installation of a variety of motors and power generators as well electric and electronic equipment and says it has installed over 500 MWh worldwide. (in German)


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