Kalmar planning to electrify entire fleet


The Cargotec brand Kalmar has announced their plan to offer electric versions of all their vehicle models by 2021. Kalmar produces industrial vehicles, such as forklifts and tractors for ports, airport terminals and logistics centres.

The Swedish specialist for cargo transportation introduced their first electric product – an electrified forklift for short distances in 2008 and have slowly, but diligently followed that path since then. Kalmar presented a new fully-electric, autonomous transport system for containers in ports. The FastCharge AGV uses lithium-ion battery technology and a regenerative energy system, as well as being able to carry loads up to 70 tons.

Dan Pettersson, vice president of mobile equipment at Kalmar said: “We believe electricity is the power source of the future and that purpose-built design and integrated serviceability will enable maximum availability and performance for the material handling fleets.”

Furthermore, the company operates the eTug electric vehicle together with Frankfurt Airport and Lufthansa. A second such all-electric towing vehicle has just arrived (we reported).

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