Sur-Ron focuses on availability for new E-bike


The Chinese manufacturer Sur-Ron has presented an electric motorcycle named White Ghost. Even if the price has not been released, the technical specifications make it clear that the manufacturer is aiming to produce a popular, affordable motorcycle for the masses.

The electric motor has a 10 kW performance, which allows for a moderate 100 km/h top speed. The range in city traffic is also set at around 100 km. At the same time, the motorcycle has an aggressive and sporty design, a characteristic shared by Sur-Rons previous e-bike, the Firefly.

Other reports have cited the cost for the bike between 2,500 dollars and 4,500. The tactic to combine a more tame motor with an attractive design and an affordable price may help Sur-Ron strongly differentiate themselves from the competition. Regarding the import of the White Ghost, the company is still undergoing the required regulatory procedures.,


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