Swiss startup converts VW van with Kreisel battery


Engineers from Swiss Durot Electric have taken on a commission to convert a VW T6 van to all-electric power. The e-mobility specialists turned to Kreisel Electric for the power pack good for 400 km and also fitted the van with an all-electric AWD.

Durot Electric is an engineering firm based in Swiss St. Gallen that specialises in electric transport solutions. Their latest work was a commission to convert a Volkswagen T6 into an all-electric van.

The completed transporter has been designed for range and consequently usability. A 200 kW strong system is powered by a 86 kWh Kreisel Battery Pack from Austria’s Kreisel Electric that was chosen due to its integrated thermal management. Moreover, it allows the van to drive for 400 kilometres electrically and can be charged via CCS. The battery sits in the floor of the van, thus leaving space inside the vehicle.

The electric T6 has an all-wheel drive and a top speed of 150 kph. The interior is unchanged apart from a large tablet displaying all relevant data such as SOC.

Before the electric van will take up service at Durot Electric’s client, the company will present it to the public at the WAVE rally starting this weekend in Switzerland. (PI, in German)

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Christopher Moore
30.03.2021 um 05:50
Did you convert a Citroen DS Break to electric drive?

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