Byton reveals electric premium sedan K-Byte

Just before the CES Asia in Shanghai, Byton has decided to pull back the curtain on their newest concept: The fully electric premium sedan K-Byte. They also announced the name for their e-SUV; It will be called the M-Byte.

While Byton’s SUV concept represents a prototype close to serial production, the K-Byte follows a more progressive strategy.

The design is more experimental, and was developed to encompass the philosophy and the strategy of the brand, according to the manufacturer. The interesting part is that the flexibility of the electric platform is showcased by the different vehicle models. The sedan has a wheelbase of 3 m, making for a total length of 4.95 m, and a width of 1.95 m, reaching 1.5 m in height. Further technical details have not been mentioned yet, however.

The K-Byte concept is also designed for autonomous driving functions, as is the SUV, as both were fitted with cameras, radar systems and laser scanners. Furthermore, the startup is working together with Aurora to develop level 4 autonomous driving capabilities. By 2020, the two companies plan to have a fleet of vehicles capable of level 4 autonomous driving to begin testing for serial production.

Byton also announced their plans to open a Byton Brand Store in Shanghai. The company plans to begin direct sales to customers and plans to open the first store by the end of this year. By the end of next year, they plan to open 25-30 more stores around China. At a later date, they will also begin opening stores in North America and Europe.

The company also announced the Byton Co-creator program, which is supposed to help create a more close relationship between the company and its customers. The goal is to understand the needs and desires of the drivers more closely. First orders, as well as pre-orders will then allow the customer to take pat in the design process of the vehicle, and will directly transfer ideas to designers and engineers.



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