DPD delivers packages with 8 TRIPL scooters


Following Hermes and GLS, the package delivery service DPD is now also using the electric trikes from Danish manufacturer EWII to deliver. In the first step, packages in Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne will be delivered with the electric trikes.

Particularly the ease of finding parking and the maneuverability make the trike attractive for package delivery. The vehicle will allow them to save time and shave down distances for delivery, as well as taking pressure off inner-city traffic. The trike is said to be capable of making more stops per hour than a regular transporter.

Due its small size and the emissions-free power unit, the TRIPL is also useful in areas where regular transporters are restricted due to size or other reasons, such as pedestrian areas. In future, the TRIPL may become more interesting in front of the background of possible driving bans in inner city areas, stated the manufacturers.

The TRIPL can not completely replace transporters, however, as the range and transport volume are limited more for short delivery distances.

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