Jun 16, 2018 - 03:51 pm

CHAdeMO 2.0 allows for charging up to 400 kW


The CHAdeMO Association has released the announced protocol version CHAdeMO 2.0 for their members. The system allows for charging capacities up to 400 kW, and allows for charging up to 1,000 volts with liquid-cooled cables without changing plugs or via current collectors.

This is a response from the association to the changing requirements for charging capacities. The Japanese DC charging system will now also reportedly become competitive with the development.

CHAdeMO 2.0 also opens the door to fast charging for larger electric vehicles, such as trucks and buses. The main benefit compared to the CCS system remains: The Japanese DC charging system will remain V2G capable. Furthermore, the new CHAdeMO technology is compatible with Plug-and-Charge functionalities, allowing for automated authentication and payment.

electrek.co, chademo.com


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  1. Colin Russell

    Nothing that reveals one of the original principles of CHADeMO first protocol that promised DC charging at lower voltages eg for scooters and motorcycles. A missed opportunity as these smaller vehicles can only connect up AC using very heavy and bulky on board chargers if they wish to rapid charge. Very dissapointing.

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