UPS orders another 950 e-transporters from Workhorse


The cooperation between UPS and the US manufacturer Workhorse to develop new electric delivery vehicles, which initially planned for a fleet of 50 vehicles, is picking up speed.

Duane Hughes, the head of Workhorse, stated that UPS will be purchasing another 950 electric delivery vehicles, which feature 60 kW batteries and a range of 160 km.

UPS did include an option to bail out of the contract, should the vehicles not perform as expected, added Hughes. A UPS spokesperson did confirm the deal, but did not comment on the details.

The fully electric delivery vehicles cost about as much as a conventional truck, and due to the lower operational costs, UPS is calculating with savings per vehicle of around 170,000 dollars over 20 years. The first vehicles will take up testing in Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles this year. The results will be evaluated as of next year, and will decide whether the rest of the fleet will follow suit.


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