China aims for 900 kW hyper power charging standard


China is planning an upgrade of its fast-charging standards GB/T that would make the 350 kW CCS or the 400 kW ChaDeMo aims for look like child’s play. The new GB/T standard due in 2019/20 would enable charging with four times higher power than today.

In numbers that mean charging with 900 kW at 1,500 Volt, whereas the current GB/T version is at 237.5 kW and 950 Volt in China.

The new numbers were part of a presentation by the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) which the CHAdeMO General Assembly has obtained.

If this new “hyper power” charging standard becomes a reality, it would be limited to China. It does set the bar high though, given it would aim for double the power than the latest HPC standards CCS and ChaDeMo standards of Europe and Japan are gearing up for.

Interesting times ahead for carmakers and grid operators in China, surely.


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