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Solar electric tricycle mö ready for production in Spain


Presented exactly one year ago, Spain’s Evovelo is now ready to start producing their mö, a pedal-assist trike covered in solar panels. Their LEV is unusual but has received all required certification to run road-legally, Evovelo says.

As with the prototype, the series mö can get up to speeds of 45 kph, placing it into the realm of S-pedelecs. Configuration can be adapted though to classify as Pedelec 25 that does not require any license.

Apart from a pedal-assist drive, the mö is anything but a bicycle. Take the monocoque body that shelters up to two persons and is covered in solar panels. They recharge the Panasonic battery partially so that 1 hour of solar charge can restore 5 to 10 km of range. The battery itself holds 1,200 Wh for a range of up to 50 kilometres.

Again dependent on configuration (and regulation) the mö can drive on electric power alone or else with added pedalling power. It got five electric gears and another three mechanical gears and a belt drive.

Moreover the trike has a front crash crumple zone and side impact protection. Hydraulic brakes with EBS (ABS equivalent) and seat belts have been installed for added safety.

Steering the electric tricycle is a joystick in the centre of the cabin and mö’s compact dimensions (W 1.4m x L 2m x H 1.3m) allow for parking in urban areas. During hot weather such as you get in Evovelo’s home of Malaga, the side doors can be removed for open driving.

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Sometimes it seems hard to see a market for quirky light electric vehicles such as the mö. However, its appealing appearance, cargo space in the back and stand for sustainability could make it a great choice for small businesses wanting to make an impression or sharing fleets in holiday destinations.

Following extensive beta testing, reservations are open for 300 euros with deliveries starting ten months after placing your order. The mö electric bike from Evovelo cost about 5,000 euros.

dropbox.com (mö spec), evovelo.com (reservation)


12 Kommentare zu “Solar electric tricycle mö ready for production in Spain

  1. Stephen Gulyas

    It’s gratifying to hear that the Mo Evovelo is ready for production. My wife and I live in Chicago and this vehicle is very interesting to us. Are there any dealers in the United States or Canada who carry the Mo in their inventory whom we can visit to see one? Thank you.

    Stephen Gulyas

    • Pedro

      I live in Spain, no, unless your rich enough to pay for cargo from Spain. Made for EU road regulation’s and Spain’s climate. May not work very well in Chicago as its solar reliant

    • Eugene Mandelcorn

      I have contacted Evovelo about the mo and apparently it is not available as of yet. I wanted to put one on display here in Southern California near the Pacific Electric Bike Trail, but they have not got back to me about the vehicle’s availability.

      • Leo Horishny

        It would be excellent to use here in Nevada! They need to contact the velomobile dealer in Dallas, Texas for distribution!


    It’s marvelous! I live in Greece and I would to hear that the Mo Evovelo is ready for production. Are there any dealers in Europe – Greece? Thank you in advance.

  3. Richard Blackman

    I have been intensely looking for a tadpole style enclosed pedal assist electric trike. When I return from Europe in July 2019. In the meantime after receiving your confirmation in regards to this e-mail. I would like to buy. I have a few questions.
    Thank you for your attention
    Richard from Canada’s west coast.

  4. June purvis

    How can I buy one of these in the UK please ?

  5. Sayady

    I wpuld like to sell your production
    And need more information as prices and …

  6. chantal godefroid

    bonjour ,je voudrais savoir le poid qui peu avoir pour evovelo. merci

  7. Aschoff

    Would like to buy

    • aluminum welder

      they went bankrupt without selling a single one. about 2 years ago.

  8. Nay myo zin

    Dear Sir, just I looked your product. It’s was great, very very useful in my country, Burma ( Our leader is Daw Aung San suite Kyi). If you want to produce this solar electric tricycle in mass production in Burma ( also known as myanmar) . I want to help you, our people will be welcome your company. Warmly welcome from Burma.

    With regards
    Nay Myo zin

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