Tritium bringing fast-charging to Hungary


Hungary’s National Utilities has ordered fast-charging stations from Tritium through its subsidiary NKM Mobilitas. Twelve DC- charging stations with 50 kW will be installed along main roads across the country and mark the start of more to come.

In total, NKM Mobilitas is planning to install a hundred charging stations in Hungary before the year’s end. The network will run under the label Mobiliti.

The EV market in Hungary is small but growing rapidly with EV sales representing 5.1% of all new car sales in quarter one of 2018. Owners of electric cars receive incentives from the Hungarian Government, including grants of up to €5,000 euros, free car registration and reduced or free parking.

“We want to establish a network covering the whole country. Although today, it is mainly companies that are buying electric cars, 80-85 percent of the charging takes place in homes or underground parking garages. Only approximately five percent of charging points are located on autoroutes or motorways with the rest in public areas,” says Szabolsc Balogh, Managing Director NKM Mobilitas.

The company turned to Tritium for chargers for fast charging along the main traffic routes. In addition, Mobiliti is looking into charging solutions for B2B customers.

For Tritium the order is another affirmation of their expansion in Europe. The Asutralian company has recently opened its new European office in the Dutch capital Amsterdam. It will serve as sales and training center but also includes testing facilities for carmakers reportedly.
Moreover, high power charging alliance IONITY have booked Tritium for the construction of 100 high-power charging sites across Germany, France, UK, Norway and Sweden. The electric vehicle charging stations will have an average of up to six user units, each capable of delivering 350 kW of power via the Combined Charging System (CCS). IONITY aims for its network to ensure electric car drivers have access to a high-power charging station within 120 km.


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