NL: Defibrillator added to EV charging station

Good news reach us from the Dutch town of Delft where EVBox and City AED cooperate to offer defibrillators at EV charging stations. The life-savers do not depend on the charge column directly and a first installation demonstrates the principle.

The companies aim to encourage more municipalities to add Automated External Defibrillators (AED) to charging stations. AEDs are designed to allow first-aid helpers to provide defibrillation to victims suffering from sudden cardiac arrest.

The idea builds on the situation in the Netherlands where there is a lack of publicly accessible defibrillators. The Delft-based organisation City AED decided to take action by equipping electric vehicle charging stations with an AED. Public charging stations are typically installed in easily accessible and central locations on the streets, making them an ideal choice.

For now, the Delft project is a pilot for City AED and EVBox. EVBox is supplying the charging station, while City AED is fully responsible for its functionality, installation, and maintenance. The defibrillator runs on an internal battery, which is not connected to the charging station and always keeps functioning independently.


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