Mecalac digger 12MTX will come with electrical variant

Supplier Dana Incorporated has developed an electric drive system in cooperation with Mecalac for their compact digger Mecalac 12MTX. The electric version of the digger is called e12 and features two electric motors and a 146 kW battery pack.

With the electric system, the digger will have an operating time of 8 hours. The lithium-iron-phosphate battery (LiFePO4) can be charged overnight within about seven hours.

Patrick Brehmer, the head of product design and management at Mecalac stated that the challenge to electrify the vehicle were three-fold: “Any electric engine must rise to three major challenges: range, performance and compactness. The Mecalac e12 is the first 100%-electric excavator that does not compromise on any of those three criteria.” He stated that a major factor had been the decision to separate the energy source from the drivers cabin. This allowed for the 146 kWh performance and the eight hour operating period.

Mecalac is a construction machinery manufacturer from Schleswig-Holstein, which used to belong to Ahlmann Baumaschinen GmbH, and was purchased by the French Groupe Mecalac in 2002.,


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