CSC Motorcycles to sell budget electric motorcycle

The Californian startup has presented a new electric motorcycle called the City Slicker, which will cost only $1,995. The 74 km/h top speed is designed for city use, as is the 100 km range, powered by a 2,160 Wh battery.

Most electrified two-wheelers of similar performance cost closer to the $4,000, which really sets this bike apart. Priced closer to e-bicycles, but with a performance that does not have to hide behind its competitors is sure to shake up the bike market in the USA.

It does bear mentioning, that the range is estimated at 60 km if the driver is going 60 km/h, while the 100 km range can only be guaranteed if you drive at 32 km/h. While this should easily be sufficient for city usage, it is unlikely that the City Slicker bikes will make many appearances at race tracks.

With a standard (110 V) wall outlet, the battery can be charged in 6-8 hours. A HPC charger would presumably shorten the waiting period, however considering the price, we can probably forgive the manufacturers. Another unusual feature for an EV is a mid-drive motor, rather than the more popular hub motors, which removes the necessity for a chain, making the bike even more quiet.,,


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