Nissan to expand car-sharing service Mobi in Japan


Through a cooperation with the retailer Kohnan Shoji, Nissan will expand their electric car sharing Mobi to 100 new locations in Japan. The service lets customers order and rent a Nissan Leaf or Note e-Power for a short period.

The short-term rental deal allows drivers to rent a car for as little as 15 minutes, as well as providing EV chargers at the store locations. One third of Kohnan Shoji store locations in Japan will receive the new vehicle service by March 2019, with the aim to popularize EVs by reaching consumers who do not own a vehicle, but need one to transport larger goods from the retailer.

The Mobi program will also be expanded further as part of Nissan’s M.O.V.E. plan for 2022. The plan calls for expansion to 500 locations around the country by the end of the current fiscal year.


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