Tesla fans take tests into their own hands


The Tesla Owners Club UK spent the last weekend organizing their very own test driving event on the Silverstone race track.

With 76 Tesla BEVs, the event managed to host a total of “over 10,000” test rides, according to the organisers. This marks another case of Tesla’s strongest advocates being their own customers. Particularly the early adopters have been known to play ambassador for the brand here and there.

The Silverstone track holds significant historical value among racing enthusiasts, although it has traditionally been dominated by petrol-heads. This time, it seems EV enthusiasts are about to change that.

The demonstration even went so well, that the organisers have been approached to do more: “We’ve already been approached by other events to do all this again and judging by my initial feedback I’m going to have several thousand of our members interested for next years event. So thanks to the whole Tesla team for building the best cars but also thanks for listening to owners feedback to constantly improve the cars,” said organiser Will Fealey.

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