DearCC founds premium brand Enovate


The Chinese manufacturer DearCC, who is mainly known for small, affordable EVs, has founded a premium brand named Enovate. They also presented a teaser for their first vehicle: an electric SUV.

Officially, the new brand will launch in the second half of 2018. DearCC is planning three vehicle platforms, which are designed to benefit from autonomous driving and connectivity. In the next five years, they will release eight vehicle models and aim for an annual sales target of 360,000 vehicles by 2025. The company also plans to serve leasing, luxury and sharing markets for vehicles, next to private sales.

In key cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shaoxing and Changsha a series of Brand-Experience-Centres have been opened by DearCC. The company also has running partnerships with Star Charge, Teld and, to set up a charging and after-sales network. At the start of July, they also signed an agreement with the Westtiger Automobile, who received a manufacturing license from DearCC for SUVs. The debut EV by Enervate will be built in Shaoxing thanks to this agreement., (in French),


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