Alpiq launches EV subscription model in Switzerland

The Swiss energy company Alpiq has now begun offering a subscription model for electrified vehicles in Switzerland in cooperation with clean-tech incubator Oyster Lab. The vehicle partner for the Juicar initiative is BMW Switzerland.

The subscription model is designed somewhat similarly to Netflix business model: Customers pay a monthly premium, which will provide access to a BMW i3, a home charging station, a charging card for public stations and an electric flat rate for 12,000 to 15,000 km per year, as well as the required taxes and insurance. The program was set to start in early July, and is planned to expand to other regions before long, as well as the rest of Europe.

A pilot testing phase in Germany took place at the start of this year, and the program is designed to lower entry barriers for private EV use, particularly regarding every-day applications, according to the company. The mobility package can be tweaked according to individual needs and can be cancelled at any time.

The development of the package deal was done by Oyster Lab, who then handed it over to Alpiq for realisation. The Lab is researching with an international team to provide future energy services on the European market. The lab is headed by former Zalando innovation head Bastian Gerhard.


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