Aug 17, 2018 - 07:47 pm

Tesla feels discriminated against by Ontario


The new conservative Ontario government cancelled the previous administrations EV subsidies for drivers in July. Unlike other car manufacturers, apparently this was only effective immediately for Tesla. The Californians are now taking legal action against this.

The decision fell during precisely during the time-period where the Model 3’s distribution would begin in Canada. A significant number of customers who had pre-ordered the vehicle under the impression that the subsidy would apply will not receive the 14,000 dollar kickback. While the government did allow for exceptions for vehicles delivered to dealerships by the 11th of July would be allowed to be sold with the bonus for another two months, so until the 10th of September. Tesla, however, does not use third-party dealerships, however, and hold licenses for their own stores in Ontario.

This made Model 3 customers in Ontario understandably nervous. The government statement specifically addressed franchise dealerships, which would exclude Tesla. At the moment this means that any Tesla customers in Ontario who received their vehicle after the 11th of July will effectively not receive the bonus, regardless of the September deadline.

Tesla has now avowed to take legal action and fight the decision, claiming “discriminatory intentions” from the Ministry of Transport. Their case is certainly supported by statements dropped by minister of transportation John Yakabuski: “But we also were extremely fair in the way that we ended it. On July 11, we announced that until September 10, all dealers and anyone who had purchased a vehicle or had a vehicle on order, as long it was plated and delivered by September 10, other than Tesla—they would receive their rebate.”,


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