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SVEN: Electric 3-seater for shared mobility (gallery)


The German town of Aachen is becoming the country’s hottest e-mobility spot. Share2Drive is the latest startup wanting to make it there. Their small EV called SVEN (Shared Vehicle Electric Native) fits 3 and could hit the road by 2019.

StreetScooter and e.Go are getting company it appears. Not unlike them, Share2Drive is a spin-off. In this case, the idea was born at the FH Aachen, the town’s University of Applied Sciences in 2015.

SVEN is their first concept with destination market launch. The so-called Shared Vehicle Electric Native or SVEN is being designed for electric car sharing concepts. This means connectivity foremost and Shared2Drive calls it a “rolling device”. Users may also pre-set certain amenities like the position of the seat for example.

  • share2drive-sven-concept-car-2018-02
  • share2drive-sven-concept-car-2018-04
  • share2drive-sven-concept-car-2018-03
  • share2drive-sven-concept-car-2018-01

The Share2Drive electric car is very compact with a width of 1,75 metres and a length of 2,5 metres. A sliding door enables access or exit in crammed parking conditions. SVEN is designed for three passengers, with two in the back plus the driver. This makes us think not only of sharing but also ride-hailing use cases.

Share2Drive wants to present the vehicle in Geneva 2019 and hopes to be ready to launch later that year. Their list of partners such as FEV or Cambio of Deutsche Bahn make it likely that SVEN will see the street light soon indeed. The electric vehicle startup says they are open to new partnerships as well.

Aachen is home to e.Go Mobile as well as the StreetScooter that had been invented there.


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  1. Gianni Martino

    Native for sharing. That’s what we’re all missing

  2. Raizy Oberlander

    Where can I buy this car?

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