e.Go Mobile to start serial production this May


Aachen-based startup e.Go Mobile will start to produce its compact EV e.Go Life serially from May, 15, CEO Günther Schuh revealed in an interview. The first 200 units will serve in testing and as company cars while non-employees will get their EVs from October.

The startup e.Go Mobile comes from the same EV hive as the StreetScooter that has made Aachen and more so the RWTH a hotbed for electric mobility innovation in Germany.

Unlike the StreetScooter, the e-Go Life is not for commercial use only but targets climate conscious city dwellers. Both EVs use the same battery though.

Production of the e.Go Life is to start slowly this May with 200 electric cars scheduled. However, e.Go Mobile wants to scale up and aims for 15,000 EVs made a year starting in 2019.

CEO Günther Schuh sees himself on a bigger mission to “revolutionise the car industry” by offering a low cost electric car. The e-Go Life starts at 16,000 euros and has so far convinced 7,000 customers to pre-order, 2,200 of them are private users.

To keep the price low, the company uses robots to assemble most of the cars and they also come with standard alloy bodies. The company offers three performance variants, namely 20, 40, and 60 kW with respective (small) battery capacities of 14.9 kWh, 17.9 kWh and 23.9 kWh. The top trim will last for 154 km. (we reported).

On top, e.Go Mobile has a small electric bus to offer. The e-Go Mover has entered a partnership with Rehau to look at the entire value chain and the mini bus may accommodate up to 15 people (we reported). (in German)


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