Aug 27, 2018 - 05:03 pm

Mercedes presents Vision EQ Silver Arrow


At the Pebble Beach Motor Show, Mercedes presented a new electric concept. The Vision EQ Silver Arrow is a design homage to the record racer W 125 from 1937.

The 5.3 meter long vehicle stands only about a meter tall and has a performance capacity of 550 kW. The performance is provided by an axle motor on both rear and front axles. The driving behavior of the single-seater can also be modified via momentum redistribution over the all-wheel drive. An 80 kWh battery is placed into the floor of the vehicle, which allows for a range of over 400 km. The battery is cooled with the help of ventilation slots in the side.

  • mercedes-benz-vision-eq-silver-arrow-concept-car-2018-05
  • mercedes-benz-vision-eq-silver-arrow-concept-car-2018-04
  • mercedes-benz-vision-eq-silver-arrow-concept-car-2018-03
  • mercedes-benz-vision-eq-silver-arrow-concept-car-2018-02
  • mercedes-benz-vision-eq-silver-arrow-concept-car-2018-01

The concept is said to provide a glimpse of Mercedes’ electrification strategy, while also bringing some attention to their EQ brand. As the vehicle is currently purely a show vehicle, it is not likely that it will be serially produced. It is possible that Daimler seeks to find a design for future racing vehicles as well though.,,,


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