Faraday Future finishes FF 91 pre-serial model


Faraday Future has announced the successful completion of the first pre-series model of the electric SUV FF 91 at their factory in Hanford, California. The deliveries of the serial version will begin in the first half of 2019, according to Faraday.

The startup began production of the pre-serial model about two weeks ago at their location in the United States. Their first model was now completed.

One and a half years ago, Faraday presented their first BEV at the CES in Las Vegas, including all technical specifications. Between the announcement and the product there are some changes, however: now the FF 91 will be released as two different versions. The two electric motors of the basic version have a combined performance of 534 kW, while the more expensive variant boasts three motors with a performance of 801 kW. Customers can also choose between three battery variations: 86.7 kWh, 108.3 kWh and 130 kWh. The range of the smallest battery is estimated for 482 normal km.

In further news, the automobile manufacturer added that they will be beginning a major hiring drive. Alone at the Hanford location, Faraday is planning to add another 1,000 jobs. In the message, the startup added some details regarding the recruitment drive, where they will bee working with the College of the Sequoias (Visalia).

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