Sep 2, 2018 - 04:14 pm

Delta working on 400 kW HPC with partners


Delta Electronics is working on a project to develop an Extreme Fast Charger (XFC) with a solid-state transformer with capacities up to 400 kW. The project is supported by the US government for a three-year research period, and is being conducted in cooperation with General Motors.

The US department of energy is taking over 50% of the project costs, which are expected to run about 7 million dollars. A prototype is expected by 2020, according to the project participants. In comparison to current chargers, the researchers aim to reduce the size by 50% and the weight four-fold. The goal is to create a charging solution which will be capable of charging future EVs to 50% capacity in ten minutes. There is mention of a 3C charging speed.

The researchers are further interested in how renewable energy can be integrated into the infrastructure system, in order to reduce the impact of the XFCs on the grid. Next to Delta Electronics, partners in the project include GM, DTE Energy, CPES Virginia Tech, NextEnergy, Michigan’s Energy Department and the Detroit Office of Sustainability.,,


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