Sono Motors aims for 200,000 Sion units


The plans of the Munich-based startup are apparently more ambitious than originally anticipated. Through a contract manufacturer, they intend to produce a total of 200,000 units of the solar electric car Sion.

The announcement was made by Sono’s COO Thomas Hausch, who added that the production plans were on schedule for the market launch at the end of 2019. So far, 6,933 customers have reserved and placed a down-payment of at least €500 for one of the vehicles, according to Hausch.

Financing has been secured for “a long time”, according to the interview as well, to which three major investors have contributed since back in 2017, one of which is the Bollinger Group. The expenses are further kept low as Sono will not be investing in their own production facilities, operating direct sales to customers and limiting the customization options to more essential features.

At the end of July last year, Sono first presented their Sion at a release event. The target at the time was 5,000 orders, which the company has more than succeeded in reaching. The management department also has changed a little since the presentation: Hausch joined the company last July, and a new head of communications, Isa Krupka, formerly from the Nissan Centre Europe, to further help bring along the professional development of the company.

Sono is also now aiming to turn their business towards the Netherlands, where the e-mobility market has been developing. An acquisition tour through 18 cities in the Netherlands and Germany will help them attract some attention ahead of their sales launch next year. (in German)


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