Sep 5, 2018 - 07:36 pm

EnBW supplies 37 shopping centres with wallboxes


The real estate developer ECE is receiving some support for the development of the charging infrastructure at their shopping centres, and have begun a cooperation with EnBW. They plan to supply 37 ECE shopping centres with four wallbox chargers each.

ECE had announced in December, that they planned to fit their German locations with charging infrastructure by the end of 2018. While the timing is getting tight, with the support of EnBW, the company will soon have the chargers present in facilities in major cities, such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and Hannover. The charging stations will then be run by EnBW, who will expand the cooperation to include HPCs.

Currently, ECE offers charging services at 30 of their shopping centres in Germany, located in 18 cities, with a total of 165 charge points. The company calculated that the average visitor spends about 70 minutes in the shopping centre, which suits charging time for EVs quite well.


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