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Atlis working on electric pickup truck with 800 km range


Atlis Motor Vehicles from Arizona is working on a fully electric pickup truck. Their first model boasts four electric motors and three battery variants for ranges between 480 and 800 km. A small series is to hit by 2020.

Based in Arizona, USA, Atlis Motor Vehicles has been set up with the intent to build an all-electric pickup truck in order to fill what they consider a gap in the market. Prototyping of their Atlis XT is progressing so that a first version is to go on show next year.

Sales are to start a year later at prices from 45,000 dollars. However, Atlis does not plan to make more than 100 units at the beginning.

As far as technical data goes, the Atlis XT will come with four electric motors, strong enough for a sprint from 0 – 100 kph in less than 5 seconds. The manufacturer put the top speed at 120 mph (190 ph). The electric truck targets a payload of up to 2.25 tons and good towing capacity naturally.

Three battery options may carry the e-pickup as far as 300, 400 and 500 miles (about 480, 640 and 800 km). The batteries will use conventional lithium-ion NMC chemistry and are said to be fast charging.

To increase range further, Atlis Motor Vehicles is planning to install their own electric vehicle charging network. Drivers may subscribe to get access and Atlis say they will determine locations according to where sales are being made. Apart from their proprietary solution, the Atlis XT is said to be compatible with other charging standards such as SAE J1772 (Type 1) and CCS.

The electric pickup truck Atlis XT is to be assembled in the States.

The story brings to mind another EV startup. Bollinger is working on a truck too reportedly. Rather than setting up their own charging infrastructure though, they have reached out to Tesla, asking if they could use their Supercharger network. An answer is outstanding.


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Linock Hope
18.09.2018 um 02:04
Will Atlis electrical pickup trucks be made for the European market also? That is, will there be RHD electrical pickup trucks for markets where driving is on the left hand side of the road?
04.01.2019 um 23:02
Not bad, need a 4 door
Satnam sandhu
08.01.2019 um 03:58
That'll be great 4 door will be very good
Darrell Hutto
09.01.2019 um 01:30
Where and when can I purchase this truck?

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