Bollinger wants to use Tesla Supercharger network


New York-based EV startup Bollinger wants to use the Tesla Supercharger network. Their upcoming electric utility truck has yet to be build but being in a segment not served by any Tesla electric vehicle, this could be an ideal deal.

Tesla has wanted to open up their Supercharger network to other electric carmakers before but has yet to do so. Bollinger has reached out to Elon Musk directly on Twitter. An answer is outstanding and the startup would need to fulfil certain requirements.

For one, Bollinger’s electric sport and utility truck (SUT) would need to be capable to take a charge rate of 120 kW. Possibly this could go up to double the capacity, once Tesla launches the V3 of Superchargers. However, Bollinger recently announced a battery upgrade for the B1. The latest spec included a 120 kWh pack for a minimum range of 320 kilometres.

In terms of cost, Musk has previously said that Tesla would continue to own and operate their fast charging stations. Other manufacturers would then have to contribute to maintenance and electricity costs based on the usage of their vehicles.

The latest information obtained by Electrek schedules the final Bollinger B1 for the end of 2018, with a production target of late 2019.

Tesla has yet to respond to the request. While the Bollinger B1 is no competition for any Tesla electric vehicle, having another company using their Supercharger might put a strain on the network. Moreover, this would come at a time when they will have to deal with a growing influx of Model 3 drivers wanting to make use of the fast-charging option.

Worldwide Tesla reported in June reaching the milestone of 10,000 charge points. 10,021 to be exact, deployed at 1,261 locations. The EV maker had wanted to reach that milestone already last year, effectively doubling the number of Tesla charging columns available at that time (we reported). Whilst Tesla gave no explanation for the delay, they say they are adding new Supercharger stations as you read. An updated map on the Tesla website also includes locations for future Superchargers. Most of those planned EV charging stations are in Europe, China and the USA.


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