3.5 million new EV charge points by EVBox & ChargePoint


EVBox and ChargePoint announced they would install some 3.5 million EV charging points between them by 2025. For both companies, this means a huge increase of their networks and for ChargePoint, the pledge is part of the ZEV Challenge by the C40 Cities and Climate Group.

Speaking at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, CEO of EVBox, Kristof Vereenooghe, announced the company’s commitment of “having at least 1 million charging points by 2025.” This is from a current 60,000 EVBox charging points the company has in place at present.

Also at the summit, rivals ChargePoint announced that they would install a further 2.5 million charging points around the world in a similar timeframe from a baseline of 53,000 worldwide.

For ChargePoint, the pledge is part of the ZEV Challenge, an initiative set up by the C40 Cities and the Climate Group in order to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. Initiators include cities like London, New York and Paris as well as industry partners.

Helen Clarkson, CEO, The Climate Group, welcomed the initiative of the provider when saying that “charging infrastructure is a key part of the zero carbon vehicle eco-system” and that the commitment by ChargePoint “will really go a long way”.

For both companies the new charging points amounts to a huge commitment in increasing their networks and thus investment. While EVBox CEO Vereenooghe pointed a “a global scale” of their expansion, ChargePoint stated that “the majority will be evenly split between Europe and North America, with smaller percentages in Oceania (Australia and New Zealand).”

For ChargePoint this follows a forecast of 20 million EVs that will be on the road in North America and Europe by 2025.
EV Box too bases their plan to increase the number of charge points by 1,500 times in just seven years on forecasts of global growth. The company quotes Bloomberg’s Electric Vehicle Outlook that estimates 11 million electric vehicles in 2025, leading to a total of more than 30 million electric cars on the road by then.

None of the the two charging equipment providers went into any more detail on how exactly they will drive their expansion though. EVBox however has been seen striking collaborations lately, for example with the German distributor Memodo or when buying EVTronic of France.

In the case of ChargePoint, the firm has invested in software and also expanded their portfolio to include other electric vehicles such as electric planes or trucks reportedly so that their growth may be driven by diversity as much as numbers.

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