Fastned opens second HPC location in Germany


The Dutch HPC company Fastned has opened their second high power charging station in Germany on the A33 near Paderborn. Furthermore, the company are finding success with their legal claim against Shell charging stations.

Fastned’s first HPC park was set up near the A3 in June this year, which is now joined by a second facility near the 150,000 citizen city Paderborn. There customers can use chargers with capacities from 50kW to 175 and 350 kW.

Fastned is following their goal to establish a network of more than 1,000 high speed chargers across Europe, with several hundred being located in Germany. Before the end of this year, the Netherlands-based company plans to open a total of 17 stations in Germany. In Holland, the company is currently operating 76 charging stations. The expansion is particularly aimed at Belgium and the UK, next to Germany.

Furthermore, Fastned has also found first successes with their legal claim against the Rijkswaterstaat government, who gave Shell permission to construct charging stations at locations already promised to Fastned. The company sees themselves at a disadvantage, as they are not permitted to set up shops at their charging stations or set up signs on the highway.

As Fastned now announced, the highest Dutch court has decided that the claim is valid, going against an earlier decision by an Amsterdam court.,,, (All but the last in German)


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