Drug plane crashes into Tesla Model X


An airplane from the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) was forced to crash land on a public road near Houston due to mechanical problems. Fortunately, the accident did not cause any casualties, however the plane collided with several power lines and vehicles, including a Tesla Model X.

The driver credited his deity and his car with saving his life, and looking at the images from the crash, it was quite lucky nobody was on foot. Adding insult to injury, it seems that the poor driver’s incident was not initially taken seriously by anyone, as airplane crashes on the road are thankfully quite uncommon: “No one believed me when I called them to let them know a plane crashed into me. Tesla, people thought It was a prank call. Wife laughed at me at first..”

If nothing else, the accident provides a testament to the safety of the electric SUVs, and that despite crash testing for airplanes not really being a category to begin with.

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