Oct 23, 2018 - 04:56 pm

Sharing electric vehicle SVEN finds further backing


SVEN is short for Shared Vehicle Electric Native and an electric car designed to share. Behind it is the e-mobility start-up Share2Drive that here details its plans for production, prices and first use cases.

SVEN has been on our radar since August when news reached us from Aachen. The spin-off from the town’s University of Applied Sciences, the FH Aaachen, has been working on their idea since 2015 and is now ready to progress further.

Shared2Drive want to show their electric three-seater in Geneva next year. Production is to start soon after so that up to 10,000 SVEN can hit the road every year.

The start-up has powerful partners such as Cambio of Deutsche Bahn on board. In addition, their sharing offer has convinced the utility Niederrhein Energie and Wasser AG (NEW). They invested in a 14 percent share and plan to run an electric car sharing service with a fleet of SVENs in the lower Rhine region from 2021.

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