Uniti to build pilot factory for Uniti One in UK


The Swedish electric vehicle startup Uniti has announced their intention to construct a pilot factory for their upcoming city EV in the British Silverstone Park. It will be used to manufacture the Uniti One and serve as a pilot programme for licensed factories around the world, according to the manufacturer.

Uniti is planning to have their pilot project production ready by 2020. The choice for the UK was made because “The UK’s approach to vehicle production, with its focus on light-weighting and innovation in advanced materials, is an ideal model for electric car production globally,” according to Uniti CEO Lewis Horne.

The facility will be set up in cooperation with MEPC, and further details for the project will be released shortly, according to Uniti’s statement. They did say that the facility would be one of several planned initiatives in the UK. To date, the Swedish vehicle manufacturer has an engineering team in an R&D centre in Northamptonshire, as well as partnerships with several local companies, such as KW Special Projects and Unipart. Parallel to the factory, Uniti plans to open an office in London, in order to help finance the further plans for the Silverstone location.

Meanwhile, Uniti is planning to introduce their serial production models next year, shortly before beginning delivery to customers over all of northern Europe. Details so far mainly focus on the two-seater Uniti One, which was presented in December 2017. The price for the small EV will start at 14,900 euros in Sweden, going up to 19,900 for the full works. According to the manufacturer, the Midi-EV is capable of reaching a 300 km range with it’s 22 kW battery. The top speed has been stated to be 130 km/h.

The Swedes have announced a crowd funding campaign via the British platform Crowdcube, which will allow investors from all over Europe to buy stock in the company.

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