Dec 7, 2017 - 07:36 pm

Uniti puts its first electric car in the spotlights


The Swedish start-up has took the wraps off its all-electric city car Uniti One. The model’s 22 kWh battery shall enable a range of 300 km. The price: 19,900 euros, although Uniti stated that also cheaper versions from 14,900 euros on shall be available.

The manufacturer intends to launch a range of models featuring two, four of five seats and says that first deliveries are planned for 2019. Production location is Swedish city Landskrona. In November, the company started to install production facilities over there – a process that shall be completed by March 2018. Uniti raised more than 1.2m euros for its first EV model through crowd funding. Moreover, the company managed to get heavyweight Siemens as a partner.

  • uniti-one-electric-car-concept-2017-07
  • uniti-one-electric-car-concept-2017-05
  • uniti-one-electric-car-concept-2017-03
  • uniti-one-electric-car-concept-2017-04
  • uniti-one-electric-car-concept-2017-06
  • uniti-one-electric-car-concept-2017-02
  • uniti-one-electric-car-concept-2017-01
  • uniti-one-electric-car-concept-2017-08

Just a few days ago, Uniti and energy provider E.On closed the following deal: Swedish clients, who buy one of Uniti’s EVs, are getting gratis solar power for five years to charge their vehicles at home.


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