High power charging network Ionity coming to Italy


Italy’s petrochemical company Eni announces a framework agreement with Ionity. The high power charging network will use Eni pit stops to install their ultra-fast charging stations. For now they plan a total of 30 HPC stations with six charge columns each.

Once installed, this will make for a network of 180 high power chargers across 30 sites in Italy. Each of the 30 HPC stations will feature six 350 kW chargers able to top-up electric vehicles in less than 20 minutes.

Ionity is a joint venture between Daimler, Ford, BMW and Volkswagen with Audi and Porsche. They plan to install 400 stations across Europe by 2020, with up to 2,400 chargers. Their super charging stations shall line motorways mainly and Ionity’s business model depends on partners offering their sites. Hence their cooperation with service station providers.

Eni is the second mineral oil company trying a new electric makeup for their petrol stations. Shell had agreed to work with Ionity last year reportedly as well and opened their first high power charging site in France yesterday.



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