Nov 1, 2018 - 04:14 pm

Hyundai and SK Networks retrofit gas station for charging


Hyundai has signed a statement of intent with SK Networks in order to set up charging stations across South Korea. The chargers will include some high power charging units as well.

The first part of the cooperation focuses on upgrading/retrofitting an existing gas station in Gangdong-gu, a part of the capital Seoul, to serve as an EV charging hub. The gas station will be changed to a 350 kW fast charging park and parking location with ten charging stations.

The interesting part is that the high power chargers will also be usable by EV drivers who are not driving a Hyundai, although they may possibly have to pay a higher price than Hyundai customers. This decision will later fall, alongside the development of a holistic charging app that Hyundai is planning. The app will serve EV drivers with a variety of EV charging functions, from the search of a charging station nearby, as well as reserving a spot and the payment of the process will be covered in the programme.


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