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Down and dirty in the electric scooter business


The battle for market access in the electric scooter business is heating up: An incident at the EICMA has seen first blood drawn.

The Italian manufacturer Piaggio has raised plagiarism accusations against the German Kumpan Electric, and promptly had their stand at the trade show confiscated by police. Apparently a simple criminal complaint without judicial approval was enough to confiscate. This has prompted complaints from the Germans, and although there will be a legal followup, it is likely that this year’s EICMA will be long over before a decision can be reached., (In German)


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Stef Ringoot
08.12.2022 um 14:04
Yes the scooter Business is very dirty... Here is my story... In my webshop I sell images which can be printed on different materials. These prints are made by Redbubble. A few years ago I made a cartoon drawing of a boy on a scooter. (I can show you the drawings by request) However, this is an email I received two weeks ago from Redbubble: We’re sorry, but we had to remove your artwork from the Redbubble marketplace, because it contains material that violates someone’s rights. The owner of these rights has provided us with guidance describing the type of content they consider infringing that should be removed from the marketplace. In most cases, this means that the rights holder did not specifically identify your work for removal, but that Redbubble has detected potential similarity between your removed work and one or more words, phrases or images included in the rights holder’s removal guidance. More information: Rights holder: Piaggio & C. S.p.A. Subject matter: Piaggio I don’t get this … because in my opinion my CARTOON drawing has nothing to do with “Piaggio” or any other existing scooter. After checking the Piaggio website I discovered Piaggio sells red scooters. But the scooter in my drawing is just a markless non existing scooter, a cartoon and it doesn’t look any scooter they are selling. And when I made this drawing I had never heard of Piaggio.... If I draw a red cartoon sport car, will Ferrari tell me that I offend their intellectual property because it’s a red and a car? If a draw a rocket on the moon will NASA that I offend their intellectual property? I am feeling threatened as a criminal

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