Nov 22, 2018 - 03:26 pm

CityFreighter and XPO develop e-transporter CF1

cityfreighter-cf1-concept-elektro-transporter-electric-transporter-01 (1)

The California based companies CityFreighter and XPO Sales are cooperating to develop and market fully electric delivery trucks. Their first vehicle will be the CF1, a new electric transporter designed for last mile deliveries with a 100 mile range (160 km).

The prototype of the BEV will be presented in the second quarter of 2019, before delivery of the first vehicle batch takes place in early 2020. One of the more notable aspects of the vehicle is the futuristic design, as well as weight reduction features, such as a particularly light storage area, which can carry up to 2.5 tonnes.

The delivery vehicle is designed particularly for last mile deliveries, and can be charged over night, the statement continued. The loading level is expected to stand around 18 inches, and the rear axle is equipped with an electric air suspension, “eliminating the need for an electric lift system, reducing loading/unloading times and significantly lessening driver strain.”

cityfreighter-cf1-concept-elektro-transporter-electric-transporter-02 (1)

The two initiators of the project are both involved in environmentally friendly business, although in different aspects of the industry: CityFreighter describes themselves as a clean tech startup, which is developing intelligent, medium sized electric utility vehicles for the last mile. XPO Sales is a provider of environmentally-friendly fleet solutions, specializing on airports, hotels, communities and other utility vehicle operators.

Remo Weber, the CEO of XPO Sales, stated that the company aimed to completely convert their fleet to electric vehicles, but did not specify a target date. He added: “We believe that the CF1 will be a game changer in the industry…The CF1 will be a key product for our strategy of focusing strongly on the logistics industry.” Michael Shoening, the president of CityFreighter, said “Electric vehicles should be attractive and built in a user-oriented way. I am convinced that the CF1 will set new standards in the industry.”,,,


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