Nov 26, 2018 - 06:21 pm

UK: Alfa Power launch first 120 kW charger for EVs


Britain’s Alfa Power present their first charging station designed to deliver 120 kW. They tested the charger successfully and say it will go live on the My Alfa Power network in the “very near future”. 

Alfa Power say they capped power at 100 kW for now but want to unlock the full potential of 120 kW when the market requires.

With the launch of a 120kW charger, Alfa Power effectively doubled their own capacity as they usually offer 60 kW chargers. Like the rapid charger, the 120kW “ultra-fast” charger offers simultaneous AC and DC charging options via CCS and CHAdeMO.  Up to four electric vehicles can charge at the same time, also via type 2 delivery at 43kW and an open type 2 socket that is capable of up to 22kW charging.

The first 120 kW charging station has been installed in Leeds on Bristol Street off the A61. Alfa Power’s latest installation is positioned within the region’s new clean air zone. The district is also part of a new fast-charging network yet in this case, Leeds is cooperating with Engie and not Alfa Power (we reported).

Alfa Power is a one year old charging equipment provider that belongs to Group Alfa, a consortium of businesses. It is unknown how many EV charging stations their My Alfa Power network comprises of to date.

We first published this news in our daily industry briefing on November, 22.


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