Nov 28, 2018 - 05:19 pm

Italy: Innogy to offer joint billing of charging & parking


Innogy has announced a cooperation with Skidata Italia, that manages billing systems of parking facilities. Skidata opted to install 300 Innogy AC charging points in Italian multi-storey car parks next year alone and connect to Innogy’s software.

This new cooperation further extends Innogy’s reach into the Italian electric mobility market. Their COO of REtail, Martin Herrmann says that they have been experiencing “strong demand for electric mobility from the Italian market”.

This new cooperation with Skidata Italia will see parking buildings be equipped with charging points linked to Innogy eMobility software eOperate to offer operations, maintenance and customer service. The software will be connected via API to Skidata Italia’s billing system. This will allow customers to pay for their charging and parking immediately and all at once at the self-service pay station.

For Innogy, this is not the first cooperation in Italy. Their partner Power Station, a subsidiary of Unico Energia, has been working with Innogy on the Italian market since the middle of the year. Power Station will now also provide additional services needed by Skidata Italia.

Innogy is also extending their presence in the U.S. as we reported in October this year when Innogy took over e-mobility software specialist Recargo. They granted access to their PlugShare app, which is used by 350,000 active users to find charging stations.

In Europe, Innogy say they have produced around 7,000 networked charging points and will continue to expand.


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