Netherlands develop new electric vehicle incentives


Starting in 2030, only emissions free vehicles will be allowed to be newly registered in the Netherlands. A group of experts has now come forward with a plan to reach this target – for which they have reportedly found government approval on all points.

The planned initiatives include the introduction of a government funded subsidy for the purchase of privately owned electric cars valued at 6,000 euros per electric vehicle, beginning in 2021. The subsidy would then be lowered in steps until it reaches 2,200 euros by 2030.

Additionally, electric vehicles would be freed from value added and motor vehicle taxes starting in 2025, alongside initiatives to strengthen the used car market for EVs, as well.

Publicly used electric vehicles will also be subject to purchase subsidies: The initiatives would include 2,030 euros per vehicle starting in 2021, with a drop to 1,830 euros by 2024. On the other hand, in order to make the purchase of combustion vehicles a less attractive alternative, the taxes for gasoline and diesel will be increased by one cent per litre in 2020, with another cent, for a total of a two-cent increase in 2023.

The discussions have not been concluded yet, so we will have to await the decision., (In Dutch)


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