Germany advised to introduce EV quota & €8000 grant

The advisory body ‘National Platform for Future of Mobility’ (NPM) urges the German government to take drastic measures to increase climate protection in the transport sector. The consultants call for mandatory sales quotas for electric cars and plug-in hybrids of 25 per cent in 2025 and 50% in 2030.

Above all, however, the experts call for a general speed limit of 130 kph on motorways and increased taxation of petrol and diesel. Also, the purchase of cars with high fuel consumption could incur a levy of several hundred euros, which in turn could finance subsidies of 8,000 euros for the purchasers of electric cars.

All proposed measures are intended to help Germany achieve its climate targets for transport by reducing the mileage of cars and shifting to rail, cycling and walking, according to a position paper. The 20-member working group works on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport. The decisive meeting of the group is scheduled for the end of March. It is well known that German Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CDU) will have to propose urgent measures for a climate protection law planned for the current year, and he better starts thinking outside the box.

Interestingly but not too surprisingly though, the proposed speed limit on motorways has been met with opposition. The federal transport ministry itself could be heard on Twitter considering the cap “neither socially nor economically responsible” – an astonishing reaction to something that is normal in countries worldwide and considered effective climate protection.

The Future of Mobility platform is the successor to the National Platform for Electric Mobility (NPE), which dissolved a few months ago following the publication of its 2018 progress report. It was launched in a new form in autumn by a cabinet resolution. Henning Kagermann will head the new advisory body. The platform gathers a steering committee led by Kagermann and six working groups., (both in German)

Additional reporting by Nora Manthey.


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