e.Go Mobile debut electric car with advanced connectivity


The Aachen-based EV start-up e.Go Mobile is going for connectivity as they strike a deal with Cubic Telecom. The latter offers a platform for advanced connectivity so the e.Go electric car will include real-time monitoring and remote management functions.

Cubic Telecom calls their solution PACE and for e.Go Mobile, the developers have come up with dedicated electric vehicle functions. These include secure connectivity to monitor components such as battery levels, telematics and available charging stations.

The partnership saw the two companies work closely together and Barry Napier, CEO of Cubic Telecom, finds that “this project further expands our integration capabilities”.

For e.Go Mobile this is one of the last steps before their debut electric car e.Go Life is out on the streets this April. Finally, one must say as the start-up had last to delay deliveries due to problems regarding internal processes at suppliers reportedly.

The first batch of the e.GO Life model is already sold out, that is reserved.



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