London: Electric car club Zipcar delivers e-Golf data


Car club Zipcar says it runs the UK’s largest electric vehicle fleet in London using Volkswagen electric vehicles. And, since the offer has grown to include a total of 325 e-Golf since summer last year, Londoners have shared the electric cars rather eagerly.

The latest figures published by Volkswagen suggest, their electric cars have delivered 250,000 miles (402,336 kilometres) with zero emissions. In rides, this is 50,000 journeys undertaken by Zipcar’s close to 10,000 members in London.

This is remarkable given that the first VW e-Golf had only arrived in the British capital in July 2018. Since then the fleet has grown to 325 electric cars as planned.

The e-Golf has a WLTP-certified range of 144 miles (230 km) from its 35.8 kWh battery and members may drop off the cars anywhere within the Zipcar zone. This means the staff is responsible for recharging the vehicles. The service is pay-as-you-go, with users hiring an e-Golf from 31p per minute, capped at 14 pounds per hour.

With success being obvious, Zipcar and VW are looking to expand the electric car cooperation. Claire McGreal, Volkswagen UK Brand Strategy and Mobility Services Manager, believes that “extending the Zipcar UK e-Golf fleet will ensure that more of the car club’s 230,000 registered users in the UK will be able to enjoy convenient, zero-emission travel”. Also, Zipcar UK’s General Manager Jonathan Hampson said “these figures speak for themselves,” at least when it comes to London. None of the companies disclosed any more detail on when and how an expansion of the electric car sharing offer would ensue in Britain.


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