Huber+Suhner liquid-cooled HPC cables prove safe

After a potential safety issue was discovered regarding the liquid-cooled cables produced by Huber+Suhner, several major charging infrastructure operators shut down the affected stations. Now the manufacturer has confirmed “correct functionality of the system and proved that the series products supplied by HUBER+SUHNER meet the required standards without any restrictions.”

The temporary HPC blackout on high power charging stations (175 kW) had affected international infrastructure operators all around the globe, from the Dutch Fastned to VW’s subsidiary Electrify America, as well as Ionity and ABB.

Following the safety confirmation, now charging infrastructure operators have begun reactivating the stations. By now, Ionity, Electrify America, Fastned, and Allego are officially back online with Allego having confirmed the good news first.

Initially, the issue was identified by the supplier in an OEM test-environment. As a matter of precaution, everyone using Huber and Suhner’s liquid-cooled cable was advised, that the operation of chargers using this cable should be suspended until the root cause had been ascertained. Now it seems the issue was not as dangerous as initially thought, with the cables functioning according to specification by the manufacturer.,,,


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