Feb 6, 2019 - 09:27 pm

Driven: Airport shuttle with Tesla Model X launches in UK


A new service called Driven operates a fleet of Tesla Model X SUVs to serve airports in the UK. The seven-seaters can be booked exclusively or on a rideshare basis with other passengers who live or work near to cut costs significantly.

In fact, Driven says they encourage ridesharing actively, and this could indeed decrease costs for airport transfers considerably. According to the firm, booking one of the Tesla Model X with drivers (all full-time employees) means it can cost from just £9 per person for a 40-minute trip. Compare this to the Heathrow Express train in London that costs £15 at best, usually more.

Driven says their services are available 24/7. Moreover, companies can use a travel management application that enables to book trips. The tool also provides detailed reporting and tracking.

Mark Long, CEO at Driven, said they “serve most major UK airports” and a quick check on the website (without booking) confirmed just that.

drivenairport.com, fleetworld.co.uk

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  1. J E Walton

    Interesting ride share idea but customers will need to consider how valuable their time is when booking the cheapest ride share option like this. Is perhaps the future of private hire?

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